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You are what you eat, scary isn't it!

You have been hired to fill in temporarily for a dietician. You need to do some research before going to work. You need to know the basics, nutrients, the food pyramid, etc.

You will be advising people on their diet, some need to lose weight; some need to gain weight some need to adjust their diet for health reasons such as heart disease. They life may be in your hands you must know your stuff.

Use the resources linked below to correctly answer the questions on the Nutrition WebQuest Worksheet.

You will need to answer the questions on the Nutrition WebQuest Worksheet. To view and print a copy of the worksheet click on the link below. Adobe Acrobat is required to view and print this worksheet. If you don't have this on your computer use the link below to dowload Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You will be evaluated by your correct answers on the Nutrition WebQuest Worksheet based on the school grading scale.

As a person responsible for the nutrition of yourself or someone else you have now seen the importance of proper nutrition and wise food choices. Knowledge is a good thing; more important is practicing what you know. Set good habits today and they will last a lifetime.

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